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Meeting Summary - April 14, 2018

Greetings, NARBLA members and friends:

Salem State University hosted the 2018 annual conference of the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association (NARBLA) on Saturday, April 14, 2018.  Those attending (44) enjoyed a day of paper presentations (21), socialization, a luncheon, and a guest speaker.

Conference Volunteers, Victoria Jeglinski and Vincent Soto, greeted NARBLA guests, and distributed information packets for the conference.   

Co-Chairs, John McArdle and Anne-Marie Hakstian, welcomed the NARBLA guests.

John McArdle, summarized the events of the day.  

NARBLA Treasurer,  Walter Toomey, reported on NARBLA's current, favorable financial status.  

Stephanie Greene announced The Journal of Legal Studies Education invites article submissions on pedagogical issues within business legal studies.  All articles should be sent to Stephanie Greene, JLSE Editor-in-Chief, at stephanie.greene@bc.edu indicating “JLSE Submission” in the subject line.  

Marie Hansen, Co-Editor in Chief of the Business Law review, gave us an update on Bill Read, Co-Editor in Chief of the Business Law Review, who is enjoying retirement with the title - Professor Emeritus.  Marie welcomed submissions to the Business Law Review, and reminded us you can find  older editions of the Business Law Review at www.narbla.org. (Click on “Full Text of the Business Law Review.”)

Lucien Dhooge, ALSB Mentorship Director for Junior Faculty, reminded us that the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) will hold its annual conference August 9-13, 2018, in Portland, Oregon.  The conference is a time for ALSB members from all over the world to come together and share their experiences and learn about and explore topics relevant to business legal studies.  You may find conference information  at alsb.org.

A warm welcome to Mary Jo Lawless (mary.jo.lawless@mheducation.com),  representative from McGraw-Hill Education.  Mary Jo displayed  Law related books and learning tools.  "At McGraw-Hill Education, we are passionate about learning.  Our aim is to unlock the potential of every learner, removing barriers between students and great learning outcomes.”

We also welcome first-time NARBLA attendees: Gabrielle Burgos (SUNY Potsdam), Paula Connelly (Law Office of Paula Connelly), Lucien Dhooge (Georgia Institute of Technology), Karen Druffel (Framingham State University), Donna Gamache-Griffiths (University of Rhode Island),  Daniel Lee (Plymouth State University), Scott Thomas (Bentley University), Shannon Wagner (SUNY Potsdam), and  Brien Walton (Husson University).

The next annual NARBLA Meeting and Conference will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts.   The 2019 officers are  Anne-Marie Hansen and John McArdle, Co-Presidents;  Kabrina Chang, Program Chair; Walter Toomey, Treasurer; Liz Brown, NARBLA Delegate to ALSB; and Kabrina Chang, Alternate Delegate to ALSB. 

A special thanks to Bill Read and Marie Hansen for their continuing service as Co-Editors in Chief of the Business Law Review. There are currently more than 660 subscriptions to the Business Law Review. 

Paper presentations covered a wide range of topics including:  Ethical Issues, Civil Rights, FTC, FDA, ADA, Environment, Privacy, Trade Secrets, Labor Law, Arbitration, Bankruptcy, and Litigation.


NARBLA Co-President, Adam Sulkowski, introduced the luncheon speaker, Paula M. Connelly, Esq., a principal in the Law Offices of Paula Connelly, a law firm specializing in Customs and international trade matters.  Her topic was International Trade in 2018 - Challenges for Importers, Exporters, and the U.S. Consumer.  She mentioned that in the last 18 months international trade has become much more challenging. There are more obstacles and regulations for companies that import and export. President Trump is pro-U.S. business, but he is alienating us from the rest of the world, for example with tariffs on China, and an uncertain future for NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  One of the many issues with China is protecting our intellectual property rights.  Paula’s presentation was informative and entertaining.  The NARBLA participants gave her a hearty round of applause.

Walter Toomey, Carolyn Hotchkiss, and Adam Sulkowski, with luncheon speaker, Paula Connelly.


So, NARBLA members and friends, save the date for next year's NARBLA conference:  Saturday, April 6, 2019, at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts.  For questions about the NARBLA conference, you may contact Program Co-Chair,  Kabrina Chang at kkchang@bu.edu.

Any questions about paper presentations for publication, contact Co-Editors in Chief of the Business Law Review, Bill Read at readw@husson.edu or Marie Hansen at hansenm@husson.edu

For updates on NARBLA news, Guidelines for Publication of Papers, and the Conference Registration Form, go to www.narbla.org to reach the NARBLA Web page. 

NARBLA encourages tenure-track faculty to join NARBLA. It is a good opportunity to network and present papers. If you wish to have your name removed from the NARBLA mailing list, or wish to add the name of a colleague, reply to William Greenspan at profweg@bridgeport.edu.

Finally, congratulations and thanks to Anne-Marie Hakstian and John McArdle for planning and running such a well-organized, professional, fun-filled conference.

Program Co-Chairs, Anne-Marie Hakstian and John McArdle, with  Conference Volunteer, Victoria Jeglinski.