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Meeting Summary - April 2, 2016

Greetings, NARBLA members and friends:

Bentley University hosted the 2016 annual conference of the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association (NARBLA) on Saturday, April 2, 2016.  Those attending enjoyed a day of paper presentations, socialization, a luncheon, and a guest speaker.

Conference volunteer - Roseann Cotoni - greeted NARBLA guests, and distributed information packets for the conference.   

Nancy Aiken, President,  opened the Business Meeting, welcoming the NARBLA guests, and introducing the new members.

Program Chair,  Dave Missirian, welcomed the NARBLA guests and summarized the events of the day.   He gave a special thanks to Roseann Cotoni for her assistance in preparing for and setting up the conference.

Steve Lichtenstein, Treasurer,  summarized NARBLA's current financial status.  Steve then asked for a moment of silence for longstanding NARBLA member, Si Horvitz, who recently passed away.

David P. Twomey, longstanding NARBLA member, and Professor at Boston College, Carroll School of Management, asked us to go to his webpage -  bcnationalchamps1940.wordpress.com - to read his article: "New Boston College History States BC's 1940 National Championship in Football 'Untrue': Correcting This Mistake."

A warm welcome to first-time attendees: Jane Abernethy (Southern Maine Community College), Suneal Bedi (Wharton, UPenn), Dan Cahoy (Penn State), Keith Diener (Stockton University), Chantalle Forgues (Plymouth State University), Jessica Nagle (Salem State University), David Nersessian (Babson College), Cynthia Pasciuto (Bentley University), Kiana Pierre-Louis (Bentley University),William Wiggins (Bentley University), and Julie Youngman (Washington and Lee University).

Dan Cahoy, President of ALSB, announced the date for the 2016 ALSB Annual Meeting and Conference:  August 7-11, 2016, at The Ritz Carlton, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Detailed information can be found at www.alsb.org. Founded in 1924, the international Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB, www.alsb.org) is an association of teachers and scholars in the fields of Business Law, Legal Environment, and law-related courses outside of professional law schools.  NARBLA is one of eight regional subdivisions of the ALSB.  ALSB's nearly 1,000 members teach primarily in schools of business at colleges and universities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Members come from all fifty states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, and a number of other nations.  The academy provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and encourages support and cooperation among those who teach and conduct research in the field of legal studies.  In addition, the ALSB works to foster cooperation between college and university administrators and ALSB's constituency.

The next annual NARBLA Meeting and Conference will take place on Saturday, April 1, 2017, at Babson College in Babson Park, Massachusetts.   The 2017 officers are  David Missirian, President;  David Nersessian and Adam Sulkowski, Program Co-Chairs; Walter Toomey, Treasurer; Liz Brown, NARBLA Delegate to ALSB; and Robert Bird, Alternate Delegate to ALSB. 

A special thanks to Bill Read and Marie Hansen, for their continuing service as Co-Editors in Chief of the Business Law Review. There are currently more than 660 subscriptions to the Business Law Review. 


Paper presentations covered a wide range of topics including:  Employment Issues, Unconscionable Contracts, Corporate Responsibility, Constitutional Issues, International Law, Sustainability, Intellectual Property, and The Uniform Commercial Code.

The luncheon speaker, Steve  J. Weisman, Senior Lecturer, Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning at Bentley University, currently in private practice, serves as legal editor for Talkers Magazine and co-hosts a nationally syndicated radio show.  He is a columnist for USA Today.  Steve is author of numerous articles and books on legal matters, consumer issues, and financial planning.  He received a Certificate of Merit from the American Bar Association for excellence in legal journalism for his weekly column, "You are the Law."  

Steve spoke on issues in Data Security and Data Breaches affecting both individuals and corporations.  His opening line was:"It is not as bad as you think;  it is worse."  He explained data-breach enemies are everywhere, stealing information from your credit cards, bank accounts, and health care data.  No matter what security measures you take, the thieves are always one step ahead of you.  Nevertheless, you should take measures to protect yourself by constantly  updating security software and firewalls; backing up your files to help protect you from "ransomware;" train your employees; limit access of sensitive data to employees who absolutely need to have it; use non-guessable, long passwords with symbols, numbers, and capital and small letters; use different passwords;  smash devices when replacing them; put passwords on phones; and keep social media down.  His closing advice was: "Do the the best you can so you will not be 'low hanging fruit.'"  Steve's presentation was informative, humorous, and entertaining.  He received a hearty round of applause.


So, NARBLA members and friends, save the date for next year's NARBLA conference:  Saturday, April 1, 2017, at Babson College in Babson Park, Massachusetts.  For questions about the NARBLA conference, you may contact Program Co-Chairs, David Nersessian, at dnersessian1@babson.edu, or Adam Sulkowski, at asulkowski@babson.edu.

Any questions about paper presentations for publication, contact Co-Editors in Chief of the Business Law Review, Bill Read at readw@husson.eduor Marie Hansen at hansenm@husson.edu

For updates on NARBLA news, Guidelines for Publication of Papers, and the Conference Registration Form, go to www.narbla.org to reach the NARBLA Web page. 

NARBLA encourages tenure-track faculty to join NARBLA. It is a good opportunity to network and present papers. If you wish to have your name removed from the NARBLA mailing list, or wish to add the name of a colleague, reply to William Greenspan at profweg@bridgeport.edu.