Greetings NARBLA members and friends:

The NORTH ATLANTIC REGIONAL BUSINESS LAW ASSOCIATION (NARBLA) will hold an "interim" meeting on October 22, 2021.

We plan to hold this meeting in person at Boston College, provided conditions permit.

This meeting is to get NARBLA back on track as our last two meetings (April 2020 and April 2021) were canceled due to the pandemic.

We hope the interim meeting will produce papers sufficient for a 2021 issue of The Business Law Review.

Please submit your papers by September 15, 2021, and direct any questions about submissions to the Co-Editors in Chief of the Business Law Review, Bill Read at readw@husson.edu or Marie Hansen at hansenm@husson.edu.

Paper guidelines are available at www.narbla.org.

We look forward to scheduling our regular annual spring 2022 NARBLA meeting at Stonehill College on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

More updates will follow.


The purpose of this regional association shall be:

to cooperate with the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) in furthering its purposes;

to promote and encourage scholarship and superior teaching of Business Law in colleges and universities;

to foster a better understanding between college and university administrators and those engaged in teaching and research in the field of Business Law;

to develop and maintain a friendly and cooperative relationship among teachers and scholars in the field of Business Law;

to encourage and promote high ethical standards in the conduct of business;

to provide a closely knit medium for the exchange of information as to conditions in the various schools of business in this area (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts), and as to teaching techniques, teaching opportunities, current changes and developments in the field of law generally and business law in particular; and

to afford an opportunity for teachers of business law to meet in person at such times and places as may be deemed suitable and convenient, for social and professional purposes, and for common discussion and solution of problems of mutual interest.


The Official Publication of the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association (NARBLA) - www.narbla.org.

The Business Law Review is published once each year. Its purpose is to encourage scholarly research in Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business.

The Journal is listed in Cabell's (Management) Directory.

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